New A.I. Video Creator App Gets You More Traffic, Laser Targeted Leads & More Sales.

Turn Any Keyword Into A Stunning Marketing Video in Just 1 Click!

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World's first and only A.I. Video creation app
Create amazing videos from just a keyword (or plain text) in 1 click!
Laser targeted videos that bring in leads and traffic!
Create videos for any niche or topic in 1 minute!
Profit from Your Videos Or Sell Them. It's Up to You!
Zero Learning curve!

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So Why Should I Make Videos Using Article Video Robot?

Create amazing videos using any article in just 3 clicks. Educate and inform your viewers and convert them into laser targeted leads.

Make engaging videos

Stop making boring slideshows that nobody wants to see. Create engaging informational videos that turns viewers into prospects.

Zero learning curve

No video editing, No camera recording. Just paste any text and our software will automatically turn it into a video with voice-over, animation and graphics.

Your videos everywhere

Get free access to Video Submit Robot, that will automatically submit your videos to top video and social sharing sites to multiply leads and traffic.

Autopilot traffic generator

Get hundreds and thousands of new leads and prospects from Youtube and other video sharing sites everyday on autopilot.

Create engaging informational videos on any topic or niche 100% automatically.

In 3 steps you can turn any keyword into an amazing video!

Add Keyword
Type any keyword related to your niche
Select Article
We'll find find content for your keyword
Create video
Turn your content into a video automatically
Publish video
Automatically submit your videos to top sites
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Live demo: turn any keyword or text into a video

See how easy it is to turn any keyword into a live talking video with Article Video Robot

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Article marketing isn't dead... it's just done with videos now!

Nobody buys anything after watching a boring slideshow video. To turn viewers into buyers you must give them content that solves their problem.

Content rich videos that educate viewers have much higher engagement and conversion rates.
Turn viewers into loyal buyers by making videos that position you as an expert in your niche.
In addition to YouTube, AVR videos frequently show up in Google searches too (because they are so rich in content)
Google's AI can now decode audio and text inside your videos, making article videos rank higher in searches.
Multiply traffic and leads with Video Submit Robot that submits your video to dozens of video and social sharing sites.
Never spend another dime on voice-over, animation, graphics or background music. It's all included.

Create amazing traffic pulling videos on auto-pilot

From finding content, doing voice-over, making animation, adding graphics and background music - it's all done for you!

All you need is a "keyword"

Type a keyword and click Create video. It's really that easy. No really that's it!

The world's only software that can convert any keyword or plain-text article into a stunning marketing video with animation, music, graphics and a complete voice-over in just one single click!

Professionally done video templates

Create gorgeous marketing videos without a camera or video editing.

Choose from half-a-dozen video styles to create highly engaging traffic pulling videos for YouTube.

Automatic submission to dozens of sites like YouTube, Facebook, Metacafe, Reddit, etc..

Automatically submit your videos to 50+ video sharing and social sites like YouTube, Facebook, Slideshare, etc with our bonus tool Video Submit Robot!

No more waiting or uploading videos by hand. Let our software do it for you!

Works with desktop, mobile and iPad

Create videos while sitting on the beach with only your iPad.

We runs everywhere on all devices and operating systems including Windows, Mac, Linux, iPhones and Android.

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Video marketing shouldn't cost an arm and a leg

Did you know that freelancers charge $100 to $2,000 to make such videos?

A lot of people outsource video creation on sites like Fiverr and Freelancer. But do you know that freelancers charge up to $30+ / min for a video. Here are some screenshots from a popular site called Fiverr for the same type of videos.

Now just to be clear this is only for creating the video. It doesn't include the cost for voice narration, graphics, or background music. That is of course extra. In addition some freelancers require you to buy a commercial license costing hundreds of dollars if you want to use the video on your website.

All these costs add up very quickly. It's not uncommon for a single video to cost hundreds and thousands of dollars.

By the way here is an idea: As as you can see above people are actually selling this for hundreds of dollars but more importantly there are actual buyers willing to pay hundreds of dollar for it too (see "2 orders in queue"). You can do the same thing with Article Video Robot in less than 2 minutes and create a nice side-income for yourself too! 

Videos that convert viewers into buyers

Here is why videos created with Article Video Robot convert 3 times than any other type of videos

Videos with real humans

People trust a video more when they see a face in it.

For the first time in the history of video marketing, we have created a way for you to put readymade professional human intros and outros in your marketing videos.

This enables viewer engagement and increase chances of conversion.

Videos with voice-narration

Professional voice-over can be as costly as $50 / minute, not to mention it can be really time consuming and difficult to sync.

Article video robot generates the voice-over for you, using 7 extremely natural sounding human voices to add narration.

Blog post to video with Wordpress plugin

Do you have a word press blog or website? Now you can automatically convert your blog posts into marketing videos with just one click using our new Word press plug-in.

Not only will our plug-in turn your blog posts into videos, but it can also update your word press site each time you make a new article-video. It provides a Lot of customization options and control on how the videos are published.

Social Submit Robot: Second tier video backlinks

Back-linking to your videos is just as important as back-linking to your websites. Videos which have a lot of links and bookmarks generally get high Google rankings very quickly.

Also included with your membership is "Social submit robot" - this software will submit your video links to Reddit, Digg, Facebook and a dozen other social sharing websites 100% automatically!

Not all video makers are created equal.

Want to know why videos created with AVR are better?

Features Article Video Robot Slideshow Video Maker Quotes Video Maker
Easy to create Yes Yes Yes
Animation Yes Yes No
Rich in content / Solves problem? Yes No No
Viewer engagement Very high Low Zero
Voice narration 100% Automatic No No
Human presenter Yes No No
Video submission Dozens of sites No No
Social submission Dozens of sites No No
Wordpress plugin Blog to video No No
Works everywhere? Desktop and Mobile Desktop only Desktop only
Commercial use Sell your videos Extra Extra
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Multiply your traffic and leads

Article Video Robot has features that literally multiply your leads and traffic to get you more sales.

Lead capture player with CTA button

We have included a $147 dollar software which turns your passive viewers into active prospects.

With our call-to-action video player you can capture leads, redirect traffic and insert call-to-action buttons during various parts of your video. In fact, you can directly close sales from your video player and customize the look and feel a 100%, to match with your website and blog. It is the easiest way to increase your sales.

Automatic video optimization wizard

You need to optimize your videos just like you optimize your webpages to rank higher in the search.

Using the bundled Video optimization tool, you can now analyze your video, get suggestions and scores to help your videos rank quickly in search results.

Download articles as Powerpoint presentations

If you are a blog or article marketer, then Slideshare is about to change the game for you. It gets over 60 million visitors a month and it is recognized as an ‘authority site’ by Google.

This means that having content there will increase your ranking for any desired keyword. In fact, a Slideshare presentation will often rank higher than a normal article for the same keyword. With Article video robot, you can now turn your articles into PowerPoint presentations or slideshows (.ppt files), which we will upload on Slide share for you. Triple your traffic with an additional traffic generating source.

Millions of images with our inbuilt image search

To create a video, you will need music and photos. But buying stock pictures and music can be very costly.

So Article Video Robot comes bundled with more than 5,000 (5 GB of data) Royalty-Free stock photos and hundreds of professional music files to use in your videos.

Article Reel - Your automatic vlog

Get Article Reel: a full featured Video Blog with zero configuration and maintenance.

Your Article Reel automatically updates every time you create a new project in Article Video Robot.

It's simply a new, easy way to get additional traffic and backlinks for the content you've already created!

Quick recap of what you get when you order

"And this is just the tip of the iceberg"

A.I. Video Creation app

Powerful video creation software that can turn a simple keyword (or text or link) into a fully animated video with voice-over, animation, graphics and background music.

Value: $1,000

6 Gorgeous Templates

Video templates designed by professional graphic artist who spent months researching and creating best traffic generating videos.

Value: $3,000 (assuming a very low price of just $500 / template)

Video Submit Robot

Automatic video submission to dozens of video and social sharing websites - 100% automatically.

Value: $97 / month

Commercial usage

No restrictions on selling your videos on sites like Fiverr, Freelancer, etc.

This alone can help you make your investment back in 1 day

Value: $197

Wordpress plugin

Automatically convert your blog posts into marketing videos with just one click using our new Word press plug-in

It can also update your word press site each time you make a new article-video.
Value: $197

Free voice-overs

Professional voice-over can be as costly as $50 / minute, not to mention it can be really time consuming and difficult to sync.
Get 7 extremely natural sounding human voices that narrate your articles.

Value: $99 / month (at least)

Lead capture player

Turns your passive viewers into active prospects. With our call-to-action video player you can capture leads, redirect traffic and insert call-to-action buttons during various parts of your video.

Value: $147

Video to PPT converter

Turn your articles into PowerPoint presentations or slideshows (.ppt files), and upload it on Slide share automatically. Triple your traffic with an additional traffic generating source.

Value: $47 / month

Real human intro and outros

People trust a video more when they see a face in it. We have created dozens of ready-made professional human intros and outros for your videos to increase viewer engagement

Value: $600

Total Value: $5141 + $243 / month

(plus you get Article Reel, YouTube SEO Wizard, Thousands of Stock images and more)

Internet Marketing Gurus Love Article Video Robot!

1,116,287+ marketing videos created by 123,387 internet marketers

St Patrick's Day 2020 Sale - Special Offer!

Article Video Robot Is A Monthly Subscription But Today We're Offering It To You For A Special One-Time Price (plus a commercial use license).

St Patrick's Day 2020 Sale

  • Unlimited access to A.I. Video Creation app
  • 100 Videos Get 1500 full-length HD videos
  • 100 uploads Get 1500 automatic video uploads to sites like YouTube, Dailymotion, Metacafe and more!
  • 7 human like text-to-speech voices for narration
  • Dozens of real actor intros to increase engagement
  • Blog post to video and video to blog post Wordpress plugin
  • Second tier link building with Social submit robot
  • Lead capture player with CTA
  • Youtube SEO Wizard for automatic video optimization
  • Video to PPT converter to upload videos on Slideshare
  • Millions of images with our inbuilt image search
  • Article Reel - automatic video blog for additional traffic
  • Commercial usage - sell videos on fiverr, freelancer, etc.
  • And much much more - for one time price!
Regular price - $99 per Month

Lowest price with discount - $59 per Month

St Patrick's Day 2020 Special Price:

$ 197.00 (one time price)

No monthly payments. Create as many videos as you want. It's yours to keep forever!

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Money back guarantee

This guarantee gives you 30 days to test drive ArticleVideoRobot and see if it’s right for you.

This is why if in the first 30 days you don't like the software for whatever reason or decide you want the money back to go buy that new jeans instead, I'll give you ALL your money back with our 100% money back guarantee.

I’ll refund every penny, no questions asked.

The point is — I know this works. I’ve used it, I’ve seen the results, and I KNOW it can work for you. Just give it a shot, and prove me wrong!

Frequently Asked Questions:

Is this a Cloud-Based software?

Yes, it is a cloud based solution.

Everything is hosted on our servers, nothing to download or install.

You can use our software from your desktop PC, Apple or even from your smart phone.

Do I get free updates for AVR?

YES! You get 100% free auto updates.

Whenever a new update is out, since everything is stored in the cloud, you will instantly be upgraded.

You don’t need to worry about checking manually for updates,everything is done 100% automatically, hassle free.

Do I need any other software?

No, you get everything you need to create amazing videos.

With this you get all the software you will ever need for your video marketing blitz.. from the best A.I. video creation app to the fastest most reliable automatic video submission app.

All you need is a keyword to get started after purchase.

When Can I start getting results?

We think, you can see more views as soon as today.

Just type a keyword and see your video get created in front of your eyes in under a minute.

Then let video submit robot upload it to dozens of video and social sharing websites and watch how a constant and steady stream of laser targeted traffic starts coming to your product or website.

Where will my leads and traffic come from?

Mostly from YouTube since it is the biggest video sharing site of the world.

But our members have often seen their videos get listed on first page of Google beating top search results (for many queries Google prefers showing videos on top).

Video submit robot also submits your videos to other sites like Metacafe, Reddit, Facebook, etc so that is another source of lead generation for you.

What happens if I miss out on This Deal?

This is a VERY limited offer and a ONE TIME PAYMENT.

Once the launch special ends, AVR will only be offered for $97 / month as you can see on the pricing page of our main website.

So if you want to get more views at an absolute steal – don’t sit on the fence, act now and don’t miss out.

Article Video Robot Can Do Wonders For Your Online Business Too!

Used daily by thousands of internet marketers to generate leads and traffic

Steven Wilson

“For me creating videos is like planting trees. Once you put it up it just keeps on giving and giving for years to come. I still see hundreds and thousand of daily hits from a video that I uploaded years ago.”

Andy Johnson

“My article traffic has tripled – maybe even four times what it was... This new article marketing strategy has done wonders for my business"

Sharon Brogden

Article Video Robot brings to life your article and video marketing campaigns and can be critical in driving huge amounts of traffic to your website.