Video Marketing Tip: Build your YouTube Channel to drive Traffic to your Videos

Rome was not built in a day. So it is for video marketing too.  YouTube video marketing is the fastest and easiest way to connect with your target users, and keep them abreast with updates about your product or your service. How do you ensure that you have a growing list of users that you could connect with? Enter YouTube Channels. With a YouTube Channel, you could let interested users or propspects subscribe to your channel so that they can stay up to date with your latest videos.

Creating your YouTube Channel

A YouTube Channel is created automatically when you create a YouTube account, so no need to sweat! Infact, a YouTube Channel is the URL to your YouTube account page. For example, the YouTube Channel of our co-founder Sanchit Bhatnagar (whose user ID is superasn) is

Particpiate and Promote

Once you become concious of your channel, start promoting it in your blogs, in forums and even within YouTube by posting comments (with a link to your YouTube Channel) on related YouTube videos.  Subscribe to related channels so that you could get visibility on other channels, as this improves the chances of viewers browsing your videos and then eventually subscribing to your channel.  By ensuring active participation in the form of posting comments and subscribing to other channels, you increase the chances of YouTube users getting to visit your channel and view your videos.

Separate Niches, Separate Channels

If you're promoting more than one product or service, then make sure you create seperate YouTube Channels (by creating individual YouTube accounts).  This improves targetted traffic and improved subscriptions to your channels as users are aware they're going to get the videos they want to see and not a "one-size fits all" solution. Being a targeted channel also means that your channel's popularity with YouTube gets on the rise as long as you keep publising quality content.


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