Video article marketing tip: Improve traffic to your videos and generate instant backlinks

The key to a successful video marketing campaign with AritcleVideoRobot lies with leveraging the power of Dynasubmit and I'll share some tips that should drastically improve traffic to your video articles. Let's begin by taking a scenario - you wish to publish a video to YouTube that talks about how you could earn money with Twitter. Assuming you compiled a great video with perfect content and images you might be still left in the crowd having just a single video out there on YouTube when there could be possibly hundreds of similar videos targeting the same niche. To ensure your videos get returned on YouTube search results, you would have to do the following

  1. Prepare a list of keyword-rich titles for your video: This the key concept of Dynasubmit. That you could use a single video with different titles and submit it in an instant to video sites. For example, for the video article that shows how to make money with Twitter, you could have various titles such as “How to Use Twitter to Make Money”, “Make Money Online With Twitter”, “Top Twitter Money Making Tips”,  “Online Money Making Secrets with Twitter”, etc

  2. Prepare a list of related keywords that relate to the niche you're targeting: It is important that you capture as many keywords as possible associated with your target niche/audience. Once you've worked out the list, use the keywords with each variation of your video instance.

  3. Now for the real action. Use Dynasubmit to post as many variations of the video as possible.  Let's say there are 100 videos in YouTube that target the segment "money making with Twitter" and assuming that you post at the least 10 variations of the same video (using different video titles), your videos would make up 9% of all videos on YouTube that target the niche. The share of your videos would significantly increase if you could work up more video titles - you could go anywhere between 15-20%  of overall share of videos pertaining to a niche. And assuming you have associated all the keyword combinations with all your videos that you posted, your videos would easily be returned on any search made on YouTube and that directly translates into traffic to your video.

This is not all. So far we've looked only at YouTube but to really treble your video traffic you would simply have to repeat the same on all the 15 videos sites supported by ArticleVideoRobot such as Metacafe, Yahoo Videos, DailyMotion, etc. With the minimum assumption that you managed to build 10 variations of the video (i.e. changing the video titles ofcourse), you could easily end up with 150 video postings (10 video titles x 15 video sites) across all the video sites. Going by the numbers that is certainly a lot of videos considering that we worked this all up just from a single video! All we try to do is change the video title and use Dynasubmit to let the video be posted to the video sites.

Let's cook some backlinks

Alright, you are ready to churn out 150 videos all across the Internet just out of  a single video but do remember to include your website URL in the Video Description field which is the secret to generating huge backlinks to your website. Refer step 4 (screenshot) of the following article that shows the Video Description field in which you should enter your website URL:

When search engines index your video, they also your hyperlink (i.e. your website URL) and this would mean valuable SEO optimization since search engine would associate a higher ranking to your URL as it comes from popular video sites. When you include the fact that your website URL would be instantly available on hundreds of your videos across the Internet in a matter of a single video.
To make sure you get backlinks, you would have to include your website URL in the Video Description section when you post the video to video sites. I checked your video and while I did find that you entered a description, I see that you had not entered the website URL in the description section. Refer step 4 (screenshot) of the following article that shows the Video Description field in which you should enter your website URL:


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